Quality Control

With its ISO 9001 certification, Linea ar srl adopts all the necessary processes to guarantee an adequate quality control service. In fact, the company’s quality policy is based on a simple policy: zero returns.

Linea ar srl aspires to ensure that there are no internal or external non-conformities. This means minimising personnel, time and logistical costs caused by the handling of both Linea ar and client non-conformities.

Quality control takes place during four distinct phases:

  • the acceptance of goods phase
  • the moulding phase
  • the deburring and finishing phase of the parts
  • the packaging phase

These four quality filters combined, maximise the chances of any non-conformities being detected before the products reach the client.

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Quality standards and verification tools

In addition to the visual checks to verify the quality of finishes and shapes in general, Linea ar srl also performs accurate dimensional checks.

During the first test moulding of any new mould that enters production, both the design dimensions and the accuracy of the assembly with other components, if provided for by the design, are checked. Afterwards, the samples are shared with the client for approval.

The second step during production is to spot-check the dimensions of inserts and moulded parts with the use of calipers, micrometers, densitometers, protractors and other instruments to verify the various dimensions and shapes required by the parts.

Linea ar srl has an in-house workshop where various repairs and maintenance as well as rectification and correction of tolerances are carried out.