Linea ar srl has multiple production lines depending on the type of moulding material and the size of the moulds.

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, every product is moulded with the optimum machine parameters: ISO-POL ratio, weight, flow rate, emulsion, material temperatures and mould temperatures.

Linea ar srl’s production logistics are specially designed for maximum flexibility in handling its clients’ orders. Linea ar srl is capable of handling both small orders of a few pieces and large orders of hundreds of pieces without differentiation. This flexibility is a proven strength that allows clients to optimise their order planning by minimising inventory and thereby optimising net working capital.

Furthermore, thanks to the numerous production lines at its disposal, Linea ar srl is able to offer quick delivery and meet client emergencies in the event of production peaks or sudden deadlines.


Technical departments for specific applications

Linea ar srl has two main production departments: one dedicated to moulding rigid polyurethane and one dedicated to moulding flexible polyurethane.

The first has several production lines with various moulding plants to accommodate moulds of different sizes and materials with different chemical compositions. For more details visit the materials section.

The second has several production lines with various moulding plants to accommodate the various flame-retardant requirements of upholstery: the California TB-117, CLASS 1 IM and the BRITISH STANDARD (BRIB 5). For more details visit the materials section.

Flexible polyurethane moulding uses both iron inserts to give structure to the rubber and double-injection moulding onto moulded rigid polyurethane substrates, which are produced in-house by the rigid polyurethane production line.

All flexible moulding production is subjected to degassing using an autoclave to soften and homogenise the rubber.

If you would like to know the costs of our moulding service, please contact us to request a quote.