Articles for technical applications in polyurethane

There are many technical industrial applications where, due to its characteristics, polyurethane is a material that is particularly well suited.These characteristics include:

  • Rigidity and mechanical strength.
  • Complex geometrical shapes can be rendered possible.
  • Shapes with varying thicknesses.
  • Production efficiency.
  • Tight tolerances.

The applications for which polyurethane can be used are unlimited: manholes, pump bodies, moving ground, moving water, ventilation, railways, electrical junction boxes, etc.

The important thing is to be aware of the advantages of this material and to “design” with polyurethane in mind in order to exploit its full potential.

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BayDur GS – the polyurethane specifically for technical-industrial sectors

BayDur GS is a solid, black-coloured and compact polyurethane  for technical-industrial applications.

Its vocation for the technical-industrial sectors is due in part to its technical characteristics: high mechanical resistance, excellent surface hardness, good elasticity; but also thanks to the fact that, being solid-coloured black, it does not require an additional painting stage, thereby reducing the costs of production.