Polyurethane Finishes

Polyurethane does not present an aesthetic finish directly from the mould, as can be the case with other plastic materials.

As a result of the mixture of two liquid components that react and expand in contact with each other, polyurethane is extracted from the mould with its “natural” colour, which has no aesthetic quality, but is defined as raw. However, after the necessary deburring and sanding steps, the surface quality is compromised and should be restored in order to be consistent and aesthetic.

Polyurethane can be mass-coloured with coloured paste. Linea ar srl offers the colour black. This is a valid solution for certain industrial applications where a basic aesthetic quality is required, and where finishing costs are to be kept to a minimum.

To give polyurethane an aesthetic appearance, a finish must always be applied, with the advantage of being able to give it excellent quality and client-specific finishes. You are not limited to choosing from a restricted catalogue.

Polyurethane can generally be painted or coated.

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Painting treatments

The following are the finishes on rigid and compact polyurethane components:
– Glossy/Matt;
– Textured/Metallic/Chrome;
– Smooth, Embossed, Textured, Scratch Resistant.

Linea ar srl is supported by the best suppliers specialised in the sector for finishes.



Below are the coatings available on rigid, compact and flexible polyurethane components:

– fabric;
– leathers.

Linea ar srl is supported by the best suppliers specialised in the sector for coatings.

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